Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Look!

Oh look! I was really sporadic with this! Can't say I didn't warn you (note: I say this as if anyone's actually here. Let me pretend!)
But at least there's this post, however boring and silly it may be.
So... yeah.

Ehehe, well, I no longer have a mouth full of metal! Thats a plus! Considering how long I had braces.
Annnd Halloween is less than ten days away! Who else is excited?! *cricket* Good for you! I've finally decided on what I'll be. This Halloween I'm going as Wednesday Addams! Her costume is rather simple and easy to acquire, which is good, because I need to save the scraps of money I have left. Actually the majority of my costume will be borrowed, not bought.
Well, this is awkward...

General update I guess: No braces, already said. Oh! I'm doing a portrait of Bela Lugosi in my art class, so that will be fun! Right now I'm doodling a picture of Robert Smith, and it's come out rather well so far. Just a simple ball point pen doodle, but whatever. In other words, my life is still pretty damn boring. I Skype, I doodle, I sleep, I doodle, I shower, I doodle, go to school, I doodle, get home, I doodle, browse ze interwebs, repeat.

I went to the River Arts Festival here in Memphis last weekend. It was really nice! Lots of brilliant artists, FOOD, art, sculptures, paintings, pictures, all that jazz. I bought a print of Edgar Allen Poe there! It's really cool, he's got maggots and cracks all over his face. So that now resides on my wall. I need to get a frame for it though, since right now it's in a plastic sleeve. But oh look! It's lunch time!

I bid you adieu. I'm off to doodle and drink hot chocolate.

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