Sunday, March 4, 2012


"Freaks" (1932)
Directed by Tod Browning

"Freaks" is a horror film from the 1930's where director Tod Browning hired actual circus sideshow performers. Due to it's controversial nature, it was actually banned in some countries. Although classified as a horror film, it really shouldn't be called such. Freaks is the tragic love story of two dwarfs and the strength and loyalty the circus "freaks" display over the attempted murder of one of their own. I suggest anyone with a love of classic films watch this.

"Taxidermia" (2006)

I was a little hesitant about watching this one. The whole "man shooting fire out of his penis" bit was a little worrisome. But it was good. It was really good. This is one of those grotesquely beautiful movies. There's just something so morbidly fascinating about watching a man cut through his skin, remove his own internal organs and sew himself back up. This is another movie I strongly suggest to anyone with a love of bizarre movies. Not for those with weak stomachs or an aversion to people throwing up in mass quantities.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Magic Slippers And Other Such Oddities

The other day I was putting bags out in the car (we use cloth bags) and on the way back I noticed my mom smoking out front.

Well, really about to go in.

So instead of walking all the way back around to the back door I shouted at her "NOOOOOooo Mommy WAIT!!!" and started running at her. She stands back and holds the front door wide open as I trip all over the sidewalk (I was running in slippers, very difficult!) Finally I make it up to the porch and run SMACK DAB into the side of the house. But I got a hand inside! So it was really only a 95% fail.

Two attempts later and I was collapsed on the front room floor, laughing my ass off. At this point my mom looks down at me and asks "How have you managed to live this long?"

Since I was laughing so hard my mom had to help me up, and three tries later I was standing once again! However, I noticed I only had one slipper on, which sucked. I forget about that in seconds and walk forward. Two feet later I tripped over a garbage can and end up sprawled on the floor once again.

About half an hour later I remembered about my slipper and went searching for it! Well, I found it...

Six feet up the wall in the front room. I still have no idea how it got there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Look!

Oh look! I was really sporadic with this! Can't say I didn't warn you (note: I say this as if anyone's actually here. Let me pretend!)
But at least there's this post, however boring and silly it may be.
So... yeah.

Ehehe, well, I no longer have a mouth full of metal! Thats a plus! Considering how long I had braces.
Annnd Halloween is less than ten days away! Who else is excited?! *cricket* Good for you! I've finally decided on what I'll be. This Halloween I'm going as Wednesday Addams! Her costume is rather simple and easy to acquire, which is good, because I need to save the scraps of money I have left. Actually the majority of my costume will be borrowed, not bought.
Well, this is awkward...

General update I guess: No braces, already said. Oh! I'm doing a portrait of Bela Lugosi in my art class, so that will be fun! Right now I'm doodling a picture of Robert Smith, and it's come out rather well so far. Just a simple ball point pen doodle, but whatever. In other words, my life is still pretty damn boring. I Skype, I doodle, I sleep, I doodle, I shower, I doodle, go to school, I doodle, get home, I doodle, browse ze interwebs, repeat.

I went to the River Arts Festival here in Memphis last weekend. It was really nice! Lots of brilliant artists, FOOD, art, sculptures, paintings, pictures, all that jazz. I bought a print of Edgar Allen Poe there! It's really cool, he's got maggots and cracks all over his face. So that now resides on my wall. I need to get a frame for it though, since right now it's in a plastic sleeve. But oh look! It's lunch time!

I bid you adieu. I'm off to doodle and drink hot chocolate.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Halloween, the main holiday I look forward to all year. Of course the fact that it technically only comes around once a year has never stopped me from dressing like it's halloween everyday, but hey, when it right up on you, it's even more exciting! As soon as my calendar flips to October, I'm pulling out my even more extravagant outfits and often buying more. After all this is the best time of year if you want to add to your ever growing goth collection.
Stores are stocking up on cobwebs, candy, and plastic skulls while you yourself stock up on as much money as you can for those pre-holiday sales. Chaos clouds the air, and you love it. Don't deny it!
And on top of all that holiday goodness, it's officially hoodie weather. Scarfs, while questionable in the early afternoon, are perfect in those chilly mornings. Or if you have an insane family like mine who keeps the windows open all night when its 35 F. outside, you may want to add a hat and gloves to your wardrobe.
You're never too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating. It doesn't matter if your friends refuse to go out with you, go anyways.
And start planning your costume already! Halloween comes sooner than you think. Though as with many plans, chances are yours will crumble around you as others demand your time. So to avoid being planless, make a back up plan. Hell, make three!

Listening to: Blasphemous Rumours - Depeche Mode


Meh, well, I'm Mitchell.
...And my elbow is cold, what did I just put it on?
Oh, never mind, it was just a plate.
Anyhow, I'm Mitchell, an aspiring artist who -wait, why was there a plate in my bed in the first place? Where did it even come from?!? I only use bowls. -writes poetry in her spare time.
I'm also absurdly lazy. And forgetful. So chance are my visits will be pretty sporadic.
I like bats.
And music.
Mainly bats.

I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I tower over people at a whopping 5'1. I'm also definitely done growing.
Amazingly, as of now I am not failing a single subject in school, but don't worry, wait a week, that'll change.
I've a lovely case of insomnia, though I spend more time in my bed than anyone I know.

... I need to buy a teapot. I don't have a single one, yet I have 26 different boxes of tea...
I fail to see the logic here.
Well, since it's 4:30 am and I've been up all night, I'm going to lie down (even more than I am now, propped up on a pillow in bed) and listen to music while I pretend to be asleep until my mother comes in at 6 to wake me up. At which point I will laze in bed until the very last possible moment, leap out of bed once everyone has left the house, and scramble like a mad woman to get ready for school in time.
Enjoy your day, if you managed to get to the bottom of this without getting bored.