Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Magic Slippers And Other Such Oddities

The other day I was putting bags out in the car (we use cloth bags) and on the way back I noticed my mom smoking out front.

Well, really about to go in.

So instead of walking all the way back around to the back door I shouted at her "NOOOOOooo Mommy WAIT!!!" and started running at her. She stands back and holds the front door wide open as I trip all over the sidewalk (I was running in slippers, very difficult!) Finally I make it up to the porch and run SMACK DAB into the side of the house. But I got a hand inside! So it was really only a 95% fail.

Two attempts later and I was collapsed on the front room floor, laughing my ass off. At this point my mom looks down at me and asks "How have you managed to live this long?"

Since I was laughing so hard my mom had to help me up, and three tries later I was standing once again! However, I noticed I only had one slipper on, which sucked. I forget about that in seconds and walk forward. Two feet later I tripped over a garbage can and end up sprawled on the floor once again.

About half an hour later I remembered about my slipper and went searching for it! Well, I found it...

Six feet up the wall in the front room. I still have no idea how it got there.